Configure Soldo to mirror your organisation by defining groups for teams, departments or projects and use them to manage users, cards, wallets and their spend.

Roles and permissions

Map your organisation defining admins and managers.


Assign a role to any user to reflect the responsibilities of employees. Each role is defined by different capabilities and access to functionalities depending on the permissions you set.

Resource sets

While the role defines the set of actions that a user can take, the resource set defines the resources – such as users, cards, wallets, and groups – that a user can see and control.

Permissions profiles

The combination of role and resource set enables the user to unlock the full potential of Soldo, so they can do work more efficiently and within their defined scope of control.



Organise your company in teams and departments allocating a budget and spend capability.

Organisational hierarchy

Whether the company is set up in different departments and teams, or you want to organise users by specific projects, you can mirror these conditions within Soldo. Simply group users the same way you would group people in your organisation to make management more efficient.

Automatic classification

Groups ensure that a company’s organisational hierarchy or projects are reflected within Soldo, and that each group’s transactions are easy to identify. In fact, every time a user or a company card is used, the transaction generated will retain the related group information.

Leader / manager roles

One or more users in the group can have management control over the group itself, so that they can get visibility over all the resources belonging to it. With this functionality, Soldo makes it easier to track spending, manage users and cards, and set up rules and limits.

Spend management

Analyse and compare spending across the company, create more accurate budgets, and gather more insights about how money is managed in your company.