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Experience seamless expense management and real-time insights. Join our Accountant Partner Programme for streamlined administration, lightning-fast reconciliation, plus gift your clients a 30% discount!

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Simplified company spend and employee expense management

Soldo connects Mastercard® company cards with a powerful management platform and mobile app. Your clients can distribute money instantly, while staying in control of who spends, where, and on what. Soldo makes business spending simple and efficient, freeing up more time for employees, finance teams – and accountants.

Soldo accountant partner programme

With non-staffing costs accounting for about 25% of school budgets, rising prices and operational costs are set to have a big impact. So, it’s essential to know exactly what’s being spent.

With Soldo’s reports you can visualise all your costs by category and time-period so you can reduce duplication, unnecessary purchases, and siloed spending. Soldo helps you make the most of your money, allowing you forecast effectively and take advantage of bulk purchasing.

Control budgets and spend

Organise and distribute money according to team or project budgets. Physical and virtual cards enable easy, controlled spending.

Unlock real-time insights

Real-time visibility and reports give you and your clients a single source of truth to make better financial decisions.

Save time and effort

Integrations and automations streamline admin. Manage cards, spend, reconciliation, and reporting all in one place.

Custom Reporting and Insights

Utilise the ‘accountant’ user type on the Soldo platform to create tailored reports, offering real-time visibility into financial operations.

Flexible Access Control

Your clients can grant you varying levels of access, allowing you as much control over their financials as they’re comfortable with.

Seamless Integration

For clients integrated with accounting software, Soldo simplifies reconciliation and bookkeeping, making these tasks less of a headache.


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For your client
30% discount
Give your clients access to an exclusive 30% discount on our Pro and Premium plans for the first 12 months*   

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Close the books faster with reconciliation in a single click

Soldo seamlessly connects to Xero, QuickBooks, Sage, Netsuite, Exact Online and SAP Concur with an automatic bank feed that sends transactions daily. With one click, Soldo publishes tags, receipts, billable expenses and more to your client’s accountancy software, saving hours of admin effort. All that’s left to do is click ‘OK’ to reconcile or, if you like, Soldo can take care of that too.

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