What are the best fuel cards for UK businesses?

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If you’re looking for a fuel card for your business, you’ll soon discover that there are a wide variety of choices available. Whether you run a large organisation involving fleets of heavy-goods vehicles, or you only have one or two employees, you’ll find a suitable option.

We’ve put together a list of ten fuel cards widely regarded as being among the best available for UK businesses.


Shell is a long-established name, with over 50,000 dedicated forecourts and partner sites to choose from. The company has offered its fuel cards for more than half a century, with a choice of plans according to the amount a business spends annually on fuel costs.

The wide range of services makes the Shell fuel card an excellent option for larger businesses. Shell fuel cards can be used for bridge and tunnel tolls and ferry crossings, in addition to giving access to breakdown services.


Another global giant, Esso boasts more than 3,000 dedicated filling stations and its fuel card delivers some of the best regional prices for fuel. Choose from fixed-price payments or pump-price payments according to your preference.

Esso fuel cards can be used at Shell and BP forecourts too, accumulating Tesco Clubcard points with every purchase. Card blocking options and spending caps allow you to tailor each card according to your needs.


A popular option for businesses that operate in more rural areas of the UK, Texacofuel cards are accepted in well over 2,300 petrol stations across the country, including Jet, Murco and Morrisons. There are weekly wholesale prices applied to diesel and petrol costs, making Texaco one of the most competitive card issuers when it comes to pricing.


More than 90% of UK citizens live within a five-mile radius of a BP petrol station. With over 8,000 filling stations to choose from, the BP fuel card is perfect for businesses with a fleet of vehicles to manage. The company provides fuel card users with an app which enables them to locate their nearest forecourt. The app also logs the mileage of vehicles.


Allstar offers four separate fuel cards, making it easy to find the one that best suits your specific business needs. The cards can be used to fill up at 90% of UK service stations, including Shell, BP and Esso garages, together with major supermarket chains. In addition to offering impressive discounts against vehicle repair and servicing costs, the Allstar fuel cards also provide comprehensive reporting tools.

UK Fuels

Supplying both its own dedicated fuel cards, as well as tailored options from all of the major suppliers, UK Fuels is one of the best-known brands within the industry. Whether you run a fleet of HGVs or just a few vans or cars, UK Fuels will create a package that is specific to your company needs. The fleet management tool allows you to track vehicles and even optimise routes, helping to save both money and time.

The Fuel Store

It may be one of the more recent entries into the fuel card market, but The Fuel Store has quickly become one of the leading operators in the UK. Fixed weekly pricing makes it easy to assess ongoing fuel costs, while the management tools allow you to keep track of every transaction. However, you’ll need to use at least 300 litres of fuel every month to avoid paying the minimum usage fee.


The fuelGenie fuel card gives you access to over 1,300 filling stations at Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Tesco forecourts. Dedicated software lets you access your company data at any time of the day or night, and the system provides reports in a format that is acceptable to HMRC.


If your business involves European travel, an EDC fuel card might be your best option. Offering over 6,500 refuelling stations across Europe, EDC is a diesel fuel card that offers up to 50% discounts against European tunnel and road tolls.


Also aimed at heavy-goods fleets, Keyfuels has its roots within the haulage industry. Its network of almost 3,000 UK sites, includes Morrisons and Tesco forecourts, with many of the locations specifically tailored for the needs of heavy goods vehicles.

As you can see, there are plenty of options when it comes to choosing a fuel card for your business. However, you may wish to simplify things further by using a prepaid business card. You can use it to load fuel money for your staff, so they never have to worry about paying for their fuel using their personal finances when they’re out and about on business.

Soldo offers one of the best prepaid cards for business, with fully customisable rules so that you can control your employee spending seamlessly and minimise the associated reporting and administrative overhead. Soldo provides similar benefits to those of fuel cards but across a far broader spectrum of expense types. Find out more here.