Tips – Phishing Website Scams

Are you logging into the real Soldo website?

Scammers are becoming cleverer in their methods of gaining access to your information – and one of the many ways to do this is through fraudulent websites.

Therefore, having the tools to recognise a fake website is very important. In some cases, inaccurate logos and misaligned typefaces might scream ‘not real’. But the warning signs might surface only after you’ve attempted to log in, and it may be too late by then.

Below you’ll find some tips on how to detect a fraudulent website.


This is the first thing to do if you:

  • Used a search engine
  • Received an email that asks you to click on a link
  • Received an unusual text message (SMS) or an unexpected phone call

The login website should always be

Look out for websites labelled as ‘ads’ on search engines – scammers can easily create these, and they are more likely to be fake. Clicking the top links that are not listed as ‘ads’ can help you stay away from fraudulent websites.

Pay attention to “HTTP”

If you’re visiting pages that ask for personal information, make sure the URL (website address) starts with https:// or you have a secure server internet connection.

If a website that looks like Soldo asks for your details or login credentials without directing you to a page that starts https://, then it is not Soldo. Leave the website immediately.

Check if the whole website works

Fake websites can create a convincing-looking page, but they rarely work like real sites. Lots of dead-end links, spelling mistakes, and grammar errors could indicate that the website isn’t real.


We use a strong customer authentication process to protect your account and personal information from fraud. When you access, you will always receive a request on your mobile to confirm your identity and complete the login.

If you receive a notification that asks you to verify your identity, but you have not started the login, this means someone else is pretending to be you. Contact us as soon as possible here or by chatting with an operator.

Act immediately if you think you’ve been compromised

Sign out of all devices and reset your password as soon as possible if you believe your Soldo account has been compromised or you’ve been defrauded. Once you’ve completed that, please contact us.

Different methods, same threat

Scammers will try different things to get you to open these links. They’re creative and will persuade you to click on links and disclose your personal information. To avoid this, please pay attention to:

Fake texts asking you to validate something

Fraudulent clone websites

Phishing emails convincing you to click a link