Track spending in real time​

Always know what is happening, instantly​. Manage your spending in real time and react instantly to the needs of you business​

Monitor your funds​

Stay on top of the allocation of money within your organisation.
Fund your Soldo account with instant Faster Payments transfers from your bank account and instantly transfer funds into wallets as needed.
View the balance of every wallet within the organisation, updated to the second.

Transactions and notifications​

See transactions in real time as they happen in both the administrative console and in the mobile app.​
Get notified about successful payments or about those that have been blocked by lack of funds or by control rules.​
Be alerted if a balance drop below a certain threshold to make sure your users always have the money they need.​

Add information to transactions​

Enrich transactions with data that helps management and speeds up reconciliation.
Use tags to classify expenses according to your company needs. Attribute spending to cost centres, projects, clients and then create aggregate reporting across users and expense centres.
Add notes or attachments to each transaction to keep track of receipts or invoices and archive them in the cloud, forever.
Capture additional information regarding VAT to be used in your accounting process.

Mobile app​

The Soldo app (available for Android and iOS) provides real time balance and transaction control and enrichment capability.
Use the photo capture feature to upload receipts and attach them to transactions on the spot.
Lock your Soldo Mastercard if you lose it and unlock it in an instant if you find it again.

Frequently asked questions

  • Since all purchases made with Soldo cards are business related, users are always required to add a copy of the original receipt to each transaction for documentation and tax purposes. If a receipt has been lost, we would advise you to consult your manager about the procedure applying to your company’s particular expense policy.​

  • Tags are an easy way to organise your users’ spending by making everything easier to track, monitor and analyse. Your account admin defines a range of tags in the Soldo web console which users can then add to their transactions via the app. Tags can relate to specific projects, expenses or to any other category you care to invent – whatever makes it easier for you to manage your business spending.​

  • All expenses made through Soldo cards can be viewed in real-time. Expenses can be viewed in the Soldo web console under Report along with the right category and receipts (which have been added by the person who made the purchase).​