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Scale fast without the administrative overhead of doing expenses manually. Gain real-time visibility and practical insight into spending. ​

In the tech sector, growth is everything. Manual expense management is an unnecessary administrative overhead that creates friction and drag. Costs such as SaaS, e-commerce, T&E, online ads and essential hardware need to be paid fast and tracked easily.

Even in the largest blue-chip companies, projects for new technology initiatives have to be run on the leanest possible basis, with a keen eye on keeping costs down at least until product-market fit is proven.​

The problems​​

Lack of flexibility

Employees are often forced to share company credit cards which are not flexible enough to meet the needs of a growing business​

Ineffective resource allocation

The need for speed, limits administrative processes that provide visibility required for effective allocation of resources​

Incompatible systems

Traditional payment methods are not compatible with online purchases necessary for business​

Slowed growth

Slow employee enablement, including spending company money frustrates employees and hinders company growth​

With Soldo tech companies can better support their growth strategy, while maintaining control​

Empower staff from the first day of employment to buy what they need to get the job done fast​

Instantly transfer funds for free; putting an end to cash emergencies or workaround​

Simplify the way IT, marketing and other departments buy online products and services​

Gain real-time visibility and practical insight into spending across the company​

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