Report and analyse​​

Analyse your payments and streamline expense management and reconciliation. Use Soldo to generate a wide variety of data-rich expense reports and gain detailed insight on spending across your company.​​


Exactly what you expect to get from a bank account: a statement with all the ins and outs.
At the beginning of every month you will receive an automatic monthly statement.

Balance reports​​

Look at balance reports to find an overview of the cash position for the entire account and for each company wallet, user and expense centre, at any given date.

Transaction reports​​​

Transaction reports give you a detailed transaction by transaction rundown of you companyís spending, with a rich and flexible range of filters.


Export transaction data in a variety of formats for a range of different uses and integrations.
Export as a PDF document, with the possibility to include receipts and invoices.
Export in Excel format for further data analysis.

Frequently asked questions

  • With Soldo, there is no more waiting for end-of-month bank statements to arrive. Managers have completely, up-to-date spending insights at the touch of a button. However, if you are looking for a ready-made statement you can find it automatically generated in the ‘report’ section of the web console.

  • When you make a purchase, the funds are held in your bank account with plans to clear. Often the transaction will be settled within a day, barring any disputes or currency conversion. In Soldo, pending expenses are authorisations. The date of the authorisation will also help you distinguish between Monday’s coffee and Tuesday’s coffee from the same retailer​

  • Once the money has actually left your bank account, the amount is referred to as a settlement. This is the final charge for that transaction. Bookkeepers love this stuff, they can’t get enough of actual settlement value and date. That’s why all exports from Soldo will list transactions according to the date of settlement, rather than the date of the authorisation​