Manage not-for-profit expenditure with Soldo

With Soldo, not-for-profits can transform the way they control spending and manage expenses, helping them to make a bigger impact.

“Before Soldo, managing money in the office was difficult. One of our goals as a team is to have a cashless office, Soldo enables us to do that as efficiently as possible.”

Audrey Barnett

Community Manager, Emmaus South Wales

A great reason to spend smarter

When you’re running a not-for-profit, you have one compelling reason to watch the pennies – every pound saved could be used to further your cause.
But controlling spending and tracking expenses using reimbursements, cash advances and credit cards can prove challenging. Thankfully, there’s a smarter way.

Everything you need to manage not-for-profit expenses

With Soldo, not-for-profits can transform the way they control spend and manage expenses, helping them make a bigger impact.

Empower your team to spend

Issue prepaid Soldo Mastercard® cards to staff and volunteers, without the need for individual credit checks. Enable your people to spend on behalf of your organisation from day one.

Control costs across the organisation​

Effectively manage spending by creating cards for each project and campaign. Stay in total control with bespoke budgets, limits and spending rules for any project or team member.

Transfer funds in an instant

Put an end to cash emergencies with instant, free transfers to cards. Set periodic or low-balance auto top-ups to make sure teams always have the funds they need.

Gain visibility​ and connect accounts​

Get complete visibility over your entire organisation’s spending. Export detailed transaction data in a variety of formats, ready for imports into your accounting software.

Save everybody’s valuable time

Automate transaction data input and say goodbye to month-end receipt chasing. The Soldo mobile app means staff can attach receipts and invoices at the point of purchase.

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Trusted by over 350 not-for-profits

“We moved to Soldo a few months ago and already it has made reconciling significantly easier. It gives us visibility in real time for all expenditure and is easy for the team to use – glad we made the move.”

Henrietta Atkinson
Director of Business Support, CoppaFeel!

“Using Soldo has allowed us far greater security and overview of our expenditure. Being able to cap spending limits, download reports and use the smart-apps has streamlined our internal systems and boosted productivity.”

Laura Mallows
Head of Finance & Business, Clean Break

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