Why Soldo?

Take control of company spend and save time and money with Soldo – the spend management platform built for business.

Control what’s spent, where and by whom

Eliminate overspending at a business-level and manage company expenses before they happen with bespoke budgets, limits and rules by user.

Empower your employees

Give employees and departments the ability to spend company money with plastic or virtual Soldo Mastercard® cards.

Gain visibility of company-wide spend

See company spending in real-time across your business, by employee or cost centre.

Reduce administrative burden

Streamline expense reconciliation and reporting with in-app receipt capture, notes and tagging.

Do away with unnecessary fees

Avoid the high cost of handing out corporate credit cards – Use Soldo cards with free money transfers, no transaction fees and low FX rates.

Integrate with your existing systems

Maximise value by integrating with all major accounting software and expense management platforms. Seamless integration with Xero.