Is Soldo for Startups?

Soldo is the perfect way for startups with an eye on the future to manage their company spending.

Banks don’t let you open a business bank account with no credit check, but there are no credit checks when you apply for Soldo, so you’re not at a disadvantage if you’re a new business owner.

Our prepaid card, mobile app and admin dashboard work hand in hand to help you save your company time and money at every step of the cycle. And with so many different ways to use the Soldo platform, you’ll be able to respond to changing priorities and new opportunities quicker than ever.

Share cards with your whole team

Our prepaid business cards work in a similar way to regular debit or credit cards, but you need to load funds before your team can use them.

You can order as many prepaid cards from us as you need, whenever you need them – ideal for startups growing rapidly. You can even have temporary cards for freelancers and contractors.

And you can rest easy in the knowledge that it’s easy to keep tabs on exactly who’s spending what. The admin dashboard shows you all transactions in real-time, along with the identity of the cardholder.

Bring runaway spending to a halt

By adding rules and limits to each card, you’ll never be caught off guard when you review expenses at the end of the month.

You might want to keep someone from spending when they’re overseas. You might want to attach a daily limit to someone’s outgoings. With rules and limits, you can tailor the card to your needs as a business. And if you ever need to top a card up with more money or block it altogether, you can do those, too.

Send expense claims in a couple of taps

Gone are the days of slow and tricky reporting processes. Staff need only open the app and photograph their receipt, and they’ll be able to send it in seconds. Our software then extracts all the key information and delivers it straight to the admin dashboard.

Your staff will also receive real-time notifications on the app, to help them keep track of your card’s balance.

View everyone’s data at a glance

With Soldo, you’ll gain access to an admin dashboard. From here, you can see all active cards and view the members of staff holding them, as well as sort by department, expense type and more. You can even opt into real-time updates, to be alerted in real-time about ongoing transactions.

Create in-depth expense reports

By creating expense reports, you’ll be able to identify where your money is going each month and take lessons from the patterns and trends you spot. It only takes a couple of clicks to export the data you’ve collected into one easy-to-read spreadsheet.

Our dashboard has been built from the ground up with the most popular accountancy software in mind. So whatever easy-to-use systems you already have in place, Soldo can make them even easier to use.

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