Is Soldo for large organisations?

Soldo is a perfect way for large organisations to keep track of all of its employees and their spending habits.

Our prepaid card, mobile app and admin dashboard streamline everything into one comprehensive and accessible system. You’ll find it easier than ever to keep an eye on how much everyone is spending, and where the biggest wastes of resource are going.

So let’s take a closer look at why exactly it’s so good for large organisations.

Company cards for all

Gone are the days you have to share one card among ten, twenty people or more. We offer prepaid cards you can top up with as much cash as you like, and there’s no limit to the number you can order from us. This means you’ll be able to add temporary cards when you bring in freelancers or contractors, or give cards to individual departments for specific purposes.

And you can rest easy knowing and controlling who’s spending what. Our dashboard shows you every purchase in real time, along with the cardholder who uses it.

No more overspending

While you can hand out lots of cards, you can still make sure you’re fully in control by attaching rules and limits to each of them.

These rules could be geographical, in the event you don’t want someone to spend money when they’re overseas. Or you might just want to limit someone’s daily spending. Whatever your needs as a business, you can tailor each card to suit you. Plus, you can top up cards or block them altogether from the dashboard in no time.

Automated expense claims

One of the biggest drains on employee time is submitting their expenses each month. But with our app, the whole process is automated.

All they need to do is take a photo of their receipt after the purchase, and submit it directly to the dashboard admins. The relevant data will be extracted for them, and they can get back to the business that matters.

Everyone’s spending in one place

All your cardholders are on the admin dashboard. This is where you can see their transactions in real time, and sort them by department, expense type and more. You can enable updates, too, in case you want to be alerted to payments by particular employees.

Two-click reporting

Another timesaver for your team: in just a couple of clicks you can export all the transaction data into digestible and actionable insights. It’s the ideal way to identify where your company’s money is being spent each month, and how to make improvements for the future.

Seamless integration

Our dashboard is easy to use, and integrates with any systems you already have in place. So if you use Xero or any of the other major accounting software, you’ll find our platform complements the experience perfectly.

Soldo: the ideal solution for large organisations

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