Should I get corporate cards for my employees?

If you own a business, it is possible that you have already considered getting corporate cards for your employees, particularly if they create expenses as they go about their business. For example, your team may routinely host work dinners with clients, or they may regularly travel for business. If this is the case, you could benefit from a prepaid corporate business card.

If used in the right way, a prepaid corporate card can help you to achieve your business goals while simplifying and reducing the administration associated with expense management. With our solutions, employees don’t need to keep a record of their expenses; your finance team can merely check their expenditure in the Soldo dashboard to see a real-time record.

Our prepaid corporate card improves upon traditional business credit cards in a number of ways. Each team member can be given their own card for approved business-related expenses (such as flights or meals), with your finance team defining the appropriate individualised spending limits and policies.

Staff simply use the card to make purchases. Since they can scan in the associated receipts using our app, they don’t need to keep hard copy receipts for all of their transactions. This ensures that your records will be entirely up to date.

How does a prepaid card benefit my firm?

There are numerous benefits to using a Soldo prepaid company payment card. Your employees won’t need to cover their expenses with their own money, which means that they are not waiting for days or weeks to be reimbursed.

Traditional expense management approaches can leave employees out of pocket for protracted periods, with detrimental effects on morale and retention rates. With Soldo, you can mitigate this issue; employees never need to use their own money to pay for business expenses.

The team will save valuable time as they don’t need to manage and claim business expenses by hand. Our solution will keep a full record of transactions so that employees can focus on their main priorities.

Your finance staff will find it far easier to keep track of employee expenses while they are away from the business. The Soldo solution, comprising the prepaid Mastercard, employee app and dashboard, combine to manage expense data in real time, ensuring full visibility and avoiding any nasty surprises at the end of the month.

This also means that your financial records will be completely accurate, as they are automated rather than hand recorded. This can make a significant difference since most businesses struggle to keep a precise record of cash advances and petty cash payments.

Talking to your staff about prepaid cards

If you decide to get prepaid cards for your team, it can be beneficial to have a meeting beforehand to explain how to use the cards. Your employees need to have a complete understanding as to how the card works and what they can use it for. You will need to define and explain clear spending policies from the outset in order to pre-empt any misunderstandings at a later stage.

Defining a clear expense policy

In defining an expense policy, it is worth investing time in examining historical expense patterns and any issues raised. This will allow you to determine clear rules regarding spending limits, any geographical restrictions and expense types.

Our solution allows the definition of rules and limits at an individual cardholder level. For example, you may want to allow some team members to use the card to pay for meals and flights, while others may be limited to fuel and local travel costs.

Should you consider prepaid corporate cards?

A prepaid corporate card allows your finance team to maintain an accurate, real-time view of employee expenses. It also makes it far easier for your team to manage the expense claim procedure. With advanced reporting functionality and integration with many of the major accounting applications, Soldo fully exploits automation in mitigating the burden of expense management.

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