Prepaid cards: Complete control over company spending

Built-in budgets. Real-time tracking. Integrated reporting. Help your people get the job done and give your finance team the right tools to manage spending, with Soldo prepaid cards.

Prepaid cards don’t keep you guessing

With corporate credit cards and reimbursements, the only restrictions on spending are sky-high limits or the depths of employee pockets. Until reports roll in weeks later, you’re in the dark on who spent what and where.

Shed light with Soldo. See spending as it happens and set budgets from your mobile phone or computer. And – when you manage business-wide spending across multiple preloaded cards (and prepaid debit cards, like our Google card) – Soldo simplifies month-end no end.

Preloaded cards make accounting painless

Our Mastercard® prepaid cards send transaction and vendor data to the Soldo web console in real time. And cards connect to an employee mobile app, prompting staff to snap a photo of receipts and add VAT, categories, and more. Got everything? Send it to Xero, QuickBooks, or NetSuite in a couple of clicks for effortless bookkeeping.

Forget lost receipts, missing VAT, and data entry errors. With Soldo, you can finally move on from slow processes, inaccurate data, and poor visibility.

Traditional processes can’t keep up

73% doubt data

Almost three quarters of respondents to an MHR survey said they doubt their month-end data.

70% lose time

The majority of businesses lose between one day to two weeks per month to spend-tracking admin.

30 days to process

On average, it takes 30 days for a business to process an expense – until then, there’s no visibility of costs.

Soldo Prepaid Cards: Manage spending the brighter way

Issue plastic or virtual prepaid cards in pounds, euros, and US dollars, then top them up in a few clicks. Deposits are free, and you’ll enjoy low FX fees of just 1% above the interbank rate. Plus, you’re always in control, with customisable budgets and rules on each card.

Control costs on prepaid cards

Enable trouble-free business spending; define budgets and track costs in real time.

Capture receipts and VAT

Prompt employees to capture invoices and add VAT, categories, and more on the Soldo mobile app.

Automate all expense admin

Send transactions, receipts, and other data to your accounting software through integrations.

Get up and running in a flash

Apply online in minutes and start spending in as little as one working day. You’ll love how easy it all is.

Full flexibility. Complete control. All in one afternoon.

See how Cairn Mhor Childcare Partnership rapidly enabled remote spend management for their distributed teams, with Soldo prepaid bank cards.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Prepaid cards look and work just like a traditional credit or debit card. But you need to preload the balance before spending. Prepaid cards have the convenience of a traditional credit card but without the borrowing.

    And prepaid cards are just as secure as other cards, if not more so. Soldo builds in features like chip and pin, card freezing, and remote cancellation, and meets the latest strong customer authentication (SCA) standards.

  • Two words: visibility, control. With credit and debit cards, you have to wait for a report or a statement to see who’s spent what. And there’s no real control over costs, with ‘creative’ expense reports costing businesses an astonishing £1.8 billion per year. 

    Prepaid cards change that. Soldo business prepaid cards come with budgets and rules baked in, so you have complete control over who can spend what and where. And there’s no more waiting around for reports or statements to track spending. With Soldo prepaid cards, you can see spending as it happens.

    As a bonus, Soldo cards automate the expense reporting and reconciliation process, making tedious paperwork a thing of the past. What’s not to like? 

  • Prepaid cards work a lot like gift cards. Load each Soldo card with a specific sum to set a balance, which you can increase or decrease at any time. Make top ups using mobile or web apps, and you can manage any number of cards.

    Make a payment – using exactly the same process as a normal debit or credit card – to see funds immediately deducted from the balance. Spent it all? The card is now out of action until you top it up.

  • Soldo isn’t just a prepaid card. It’s a spend management platform that makes it easy to manage business-wide spending in one place. 

    Before the payment, you get complete control, setting budgets and spending rules for each card. And after any payment, Soldo automates the expense reporting process, sending accurate, up-to-date information to your accounting software. 

    Soldo is an advanced spending platform, designed to grow with your business. Which is why over 60,000 businesses choose Soldo, and why you should, too.

  • Top up your Soldo card in two steps. Firstly, you add money to your Soldo account from your business bank account. You can do this using a standard bank transfer, as your Soldo account comes with its own account number and sort code. You can even send money using PayPal. 

    Then you move money from your Soldo account to individual cards in the Soldo web console or mobile app. You can top up cards in a couple of clicks to a specific balance, and can even automate top-ups based on low balances or customisable periodic settings e.g. per week or month.

  • Millions of vendors worldwide accept Mastercard. You can use your Soldo Mastercard cards to pay for flights, online advertising, ecommerce purchases, stationery, taxis, software subscriptions… you name it.

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We had a traditional company credit card scheme, with lots of different departments all using a small number of cards. We also had approximately 35 different petty cash pots and all the associated admin that comes with them.

Soldo has enabled us to close our old corporate credit card scheme, remove petty cash from our business and reduce the number of expense claims we process. This has reduced the administrative burden, replacing separate manual processes with a single system.

Lee Jaques, Finance Project Manager, Bruntwood