Soldo + QuickBooks: Supercharge your bookkeeping

Connect Soldo and QuickBooks for speedy expense management. Pay on Soldo cards, capture receipts, nominal codes and VAT rates on the go, then send everything to QuickBooks in a click.

Speed through expense management

No more manual data exports, piles of receipts or nagging emails. Control spending with Soldo 
then connect QuickBooks to zip through bookkeeping

Save valuable time

Capture receipts and expense data on the go with the mobile app

Control spending

Automate top-ups to save time and keep your team productive

Support your team

Send expense data to Xero and QuickBooks with native integrations

How Soldo works


Pay anywhere on prepaid Mastercard cards with built-in budgets and rules.


Capture receipts, VAT, categories and notes with the employee mobile app.


Automate the reporting process and flow expense data into QuickBooks. 

Get started

Features that make all the difference

The Soldo and QuickBooks integration makes your life easier with smart features that take the faff out 
of expense management.

Easy expense reporting

The Soldo mobile app captures receipts, categories, VAT 
and notes at the point of purchase. Everything is visible in Soldo in real-time for a clear view of spending.

One-click validation

Check that your expense data contains the all information 
you need for reconciliation within Soldo, then publish 
your expense data to QuickBooks in a click.

Simpler reconciliation

Import transactions to the QuickBooks bank feed in a few 
of clicks, then reconcile with prepopulated expense data including receipts, VAT, nominal codes and more.

Connecting Soldo to QuickBooks is simple

Once you’ve set up your connection, Soldo will automatically import categories and contacts from Soldo. To set up your connection:


Log into Soldo
and select ‘Integrations’


Select QuickBooks
and log into your account


Choose whether attachments
are required or optional