How the Role of Finance is Evolving & How to Stay Ahead | The Spend Show Ep 3

Hannah Murray-Sykes •

We discuss the evolving role of the finance professional and what skills you need to stay on top in Ep3 of The Spend Show.

How the Role of Finance is Evolving & How to Stay Ahead | The Spend Show Ep3 from Soldo on Vimeo.

What impact has technology had on finance teams? How are roles adapting? Do you need to become more strategic? How can you upskill? Mark Cracknell (GenerationCFO) shares thoughts with host Hannah Murray-Sykes (Soldo).

What you’ll learn…

💰 The changing role of the finance professional: how has this changed and why?

💰 What skills do finance professionals need to stay ahead in their career?

💰 What impact has the role of technology had? Which roles are most likely to be impacted?

Who are the guests?

Mark Cracknell is Head of Research at Generation CFO. He liaises with the +70,000 global community of finance professionals to identify the issues they face, as well as understanding and working with the technology platforms that are available as enabling solutions. Through webinars, articles, podcasts and discussion we aim to help educate the community and understand the ‘art of the possible’ and how this can be successfully delivered.

Host, Hannah Murray-Sykes is currently Head of Portfolio Marketing at Soldo. She’s spent her career working in fast-growing FinTech and MarTech businesses, leading multi-disciplinary marketing and commercial product teams. She’s also handy with a foreign language or four.

When’s the next episode of The Spend Show?

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