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Controlling the flow: the ins and outs of positive cash flow management

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Managing Company VS Individual Spend With Soldo

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How virtual cards can help finance teams in the era of remote working

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Conquering spend analysis: Q&A with Generation CFO’s Christopher Argent

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How Tech Finance Teams Can Reduce Spend Blindness

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How to Reveal Hidden Spend and Improve Finance Efficiency in Higher Education


Practical Advice for Finance Teams In Economically Uncertain Times


The Evolution of the Finance function: From Gatekeepers to Enablers

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Unblocking Pains for Finance Leaders at Media Agencies

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Working from home: Your guide to staying productive through the coronavirus outbreak


Spend Analysis (Pt 2): Unlocking Growth Opportunities


Spend Analysis (Pt. 1): Why it Matters

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How to banish last-minute chaos and breeze through financial month-end

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How Finance Leaders Can Use Tech for Greater Spend Visibility


Expense Fraud: Catch it Before it Catches You

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How Much Could Your Company Save on Expenses?