Virtual Company Cards

Stop sharing one company card! Virtual cards by Soldo give each individual or department the ability to make online purchases with their own prepaid card, with specific spending limits and controls.

No longer rely on the one corporate credit card

When making online purchases, many businesses will pass around one company credit card. Whether it’s booking travel, purchasing software or buying supplies, it too often becomes a game of hunting down a single business card or entrusting one individual to make the purchase. 

That is why over 40,000 businesses have turned to Soldo, using our virtual and physical company cards for both individuals and departments.

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Issue unlimited company cards without the security risk

Virtual cards function exactly like normal for use online, just without the plastic. This means there’s no physical card to be lost or stolen, eliminating the risk of having the card taken off-site.

That allows you to safely issue as many cards as needed. Many users will even create virtual cards for one specific purchase, such as ordering resupplies or funding online advertising spends. A card can be created without plastic gathering dust in a drawer or being accidentally picked up and used for unintended purchases.

Use it for your online purchases

Each virtual card has its own unique number and details, just as you would expect from a physical card. These can be entered on a website, enabling individual purchases or online subscriptions as usual. If needed, additional funds can then be instantly transferred from the admin console.

The virtual cards may also be used to make international payments. Whether it’s booking hotels abroad or paying international suppliers, the virtual card can be used worldwide for just a competitive exchange fee.

Spending limits unique for your business needs

Not everyone needs the ability to make large purchases. Some teams or individuals might only need the autonomy to order small resupplies or fund a software subscription.

That’s why Soldo lets you tailor each card to the unique requirements with controls such as:

Without the risk of overspending, it’s safe to provide a virtual card to any employee knowing that they are unable to make unauthorised purchases or overspend.

Works seamlessly with your accounting software

Soldo can integrate directly into accounts management software such as Xero, along with exporting into others like Sage and Concur.

Instead of having every company purchase mixed into a single card statement, you can instantly assess your outgoings without having to sit and manually enter expenses or work out which department each transaction should be attributed to.

Simple low pricing

A free Soldo Start account, or premium account with fixed monthly costs

✓ £1 issuance fee for each virtual card or £5 for each physical card

✓ No fees for same-currency transactions or transfers

✓ No cancellation or set up fees

For another view of the full costs, check out our fees page.


Budgets and rules

Define who can spend what, where, and when. Manage spending before it happens with customisable budgets and rules for each card. 

Accounting integration

Export transaction and expense data to every major accounting software, in two clicks. Get an automatic bank feed to Xero. Pro and Premium: Automate expense data exports to Xero.

Dedicated support

Need a helping hand? Our friendly and knowledgeable customer success team is at your service, providing support whenever you need it.

Go online or offline with Soldo

Virtual cards are only one spending method offered by Soldo.

Soldo’s physical prepaid cards are a popular accompaniment to the virtual cards. They share advantages such as individual spending limits and integration with the admin portal, but with physical cards that can be distributed amongst employees. These are a popular way to fund employee requirements such as travel and entertaining clients.

An unlimited number of prepaid cards and virtual cards can be used with your Soldo account. Get access to both for a one-off issuance fee of £5 per prepaid card and £1 per virtual card.

Set up your virtual card today

Choose a plan and get started with a virtual card from Soldo

“I’ve been using it for contractors, too. Found that the list of expenses shrinks when they’re not using their own cards. Coincidence?”


“With Soldo, we’ve cut spending in half. We can control what people spend – and they actually like it. We’ll never go back to the old credit card!”



  • Soldo is a multi-user expense account that helps you control business spending and, thanks to the integration with your accounting software, makes it easy and quick to manage and reconcile all company expenses. Soldo is not a business account and we’re not trying to replace yours. We’re here to complement the traditional business account offering with more advanced and innovative financial services.

    You can give Soldo cards to some or every employee, to entire teams or even contractors, deciding who can access company money and the rules they need to follow to spend it. With intuitive tools like the mobile app and web console, you’ll be able to track spending real-time, instantly transfer funds to all card holders (for free), establish budgets and rules, and much more. Click here to explore Soldo features in depth.

  • It depends on the plan you choose: Soldo Pro costs £4 per card per month and Soldo Premium costs £7 per month per card. For all plans, there’s a £5 card issuance fee for each Soldo card you order (virtual cards cost £1 to issue, if you only need to make online purchases).

    We don’t charge any fees for domestic transactions. The amount of money you allocate to the Soldo card is exactly the same as the amount the cardholder can spend.

    Depositing funds to your Soldo account and transferring funds from the admin account to Soldo cards is free and instantaneous.

  • Soldo is a business spending account. It is not a bank and doesn’t want to be one. We’re not trying to replace banks but rather to complement traditional banks’ offering with advanced and innovative financial services. To do this we are authorised and regulated as an e-money institution to hold our customers money and to execute payment services and we follow strict compliance processes. ​

  • No. With Soldo your users can only spend the funds that you’ve transferred to their wallets. Their balances are updated in real time and we’ll never charge interest on purchases. What you see on the screen is what is in the wallet – in real time, all the time. This applies whether you’re looking at the Soldo web console, or your users are looking at the Soldo smartphone app.

  • You can contact us for support by emailing [email protected]. You can also find detailed help on individual topics and information on all things Soldo at