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Take control of spending with virtual cards, and say goodbye to the paperwork and poor clarity that come with the company credit card.

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Using Soldo virtual Mastercard® cards as part of your business spending plan gives you total control and visibility over expenses and outgoings – while saving your finance team time.

An introduction to virtual cards

Virtual cards work just like traditional prepaid business cards – but without the plastic. Each one has a unique account number, which you give to employees and departments so they can make payments and purchase subscriptions autonomously. They’re managed entirely online, so you can create and activate new accounts instantly.

That makes digital cards incredibly flexible. Instead of passing around the company card whenever someone needs to buy supplies, sign up for a new service or manage media spend, you can create a virtual account for any occasion.

Virtual debit cards and virtual credit cards

Virtual prepaid cards work slightly differently to virtual debit cards or virtual credit cards. Instead of giving employees access to the company account or letting them run up debts, you top up each prepaid card with an allocated budget.

There’s no risk of overspending, so it’s safe to provide a prepaid card to any employee. Plus, you get complete control over how the account is used. You can limit it to specific sites, or even restrict spending to set dates. And if you need to increase the budget, you can add more funds in seconds.

Digital cards can also handle international payments, from booking hotels abroad to paying global suppliers. So you can even use them as low-fee FX business cards.

Why choose Soldo for virtual cards

5 stars – Soldo was a real revolution for us because it simplified everything instantly with a totally centralised, convenient and fast system. We have gained in terms of time, performance, cost savings and reporting.

– Angelo Di Veroli, CEO, Blackgeek Ltd

There’s a reason that 60,000 businesses use Soldo to manage their company spending. Our digital cards, prepaid cards and integrated apps are all top of the line – with unparalleled integrations, flexibility and support.

Save time with integrations

Soldo integrates directly with Quickbooks and Xero, so any spending across your virtual cards gets automatically shared with your accounts system. Seeing who has spent what is easy, with transactions allocated to each account instead of all mixed up on a single statement. 

Reconciling transactions takes a couple of clicks, and you can work with accurate data instead of wasting time chasing down receipts and fixing errors. You can even analyse your spending records, creating charts and reports for complete oversight over how money is being spent.

The flexibility you need

With Soldo, you get virtual cards that control spending for you. You set the rules on each account, so you decide how they’re used.

You might, for example, allocate a budget for learning and development to every staff member. By giving them a virtual card each, you can track how the budget is spent without having to process and approve every request. 

Many companies, meanwhile, use them to make buying digital media painless and admin free – or let teams to purchase their own online subscriptions to the tools they need. 

You could even create a single-use card for a one-off payment, increasing security by limiting access to the company account.

A card for anyone

Virtual cards enable you to empower every employee, team or department to decide their own spending, without the need to waste time pouring over countless business credit card statements. You can monitor and control expenses using our web console, as well as creating new accounts whenever they’re needed.

Creating a new digital card costs just £1, and you can make them as open or restricted as you need. When new starters join, getting them up and running takes seconds – and so does cancelling or reallocating cards.

A complete solution

Soldo provides virtual cards as part of a comprehensive business spending solution that includes traditional prepaid business expense cards connected to a shared expense account and integrated apps. It enables you and your team to track and manage company spending from anywhere, at any time.

Staff can manage their spending via the app, and all your finance team need to do to track and control expenses is log into our web console.
If you need a helping hand getting set up, then our friendly and knowledgeable customer success team is at your service. You can get in touch with them directly at any time, or browse our comprehensive support site.


How does a virtual card work?
Virtual cards work by giving you a unique account number that employees or departments can use to make payments or purchases online. They’re almost identical to traditional prepaid cards – but instead of sending you a physical card, everything is online.

What does virtual card mean?
Virtual card means a type of business spending account that’s used for making purchases online. They’re used by businesses of all sizes to empower employees to make their own purchasing decisions – and save the finance team time.

What is a virtual debit card?
A virtual debit card is a type of debit card that is used exclusively for making online payments. They tend to be used for security purposes, enabling individuals and companies to process online transactions that aren’t tied directly to their primary account.

Virtual prepaid cards bring several advantages over virtual debit cards. They’re easier to manage, and don’t need to be tied to a primary debit account. So you can set up as many new cards as you need, instantly.

How do I get a virtual credit card?
You can get a virtual credit card by signing up with a credit card provider that allows virtual account numbers for single-use transactions. So you’ll still need a credit check, and you’ll need a physical credit card before you can get started.

With virtual prepaid cards, there’s no credit check involved – and there’s no risk of employees running up debts.

Can I use a virtual debit card in an ATM?
No, you can’t use a virtual debit card in an ATM. There’s no physical card, so they’re mostly used for online transactions – anything that requires a Chip and Pin won’t work. With Soldo, you can use digital cards alongside physical prepaid cards that can be used in ATMs.

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