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Take the hassle out of business travel. Soldo automates the expense management process and uses prepaid cards help your business manage employee travel spending.

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Soldo helps you stay on top of managing travel expenses. Prepaid travel cards make sure employees never end up out of pocket, while the admin console lets you instantly manage how much staff can spend on business trips. 

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Travel expense cards that work for everyone

For many companies, travel is a necessary part of doing business. Client meetings, presentations, events, and conferences are all important tools for growing your business. These essential functions each come with their own expenses you need to manage. 

In the past, company credit cards were the solution. However, sharing one card was often a real pain. Expense cards were often only given to senior management. The cards could be misplaced, and if more than one employee was travelling at the same time, having a company credit card for travel expenses was hardly convenient. 

In many cases, employees paid out of pocket for expenses like meals, hotel stays, flights, taxis, and client entertainment — expenses tracked using receipts that are too easy to lose.

This was inconvenient for those without the disposable income to pay with their own cash, or the flexibility to wait for reimbursement cheques. And even the most diligent employees could be tempted to spend more, knowing they could claim it all back from the business.

Under the old system, employees spent hours or days away from their regular work, reviewing hundreds of receipts and expense forms, tediously tracking each merchant and expense total. This took a lot of time, both for the employee and members of the finance team charged with the extra admin work. 

Soldo simplifies all of this. With Soldo’s prepaid cards, any employee can quickly and easily pay for travel expenses using company money, avoiding out-of-pocket spending altogether. 

Soldo smart company cards put you in control of employee spending. Each card comes with a built-in budget and easily manageable transaction limits. 

You can set these in your central online dashboard before any spending can take place. If employees need more wiggle room, you can load additional funds to the card using Soldo’s web console in just a few clicks.

With Soldo, you retain full control and oversight on travel spending, avoiding any unnecessary costs or headaches for travelling staff. Now, instead of worrying about spending, employees can focus on what really matters — helping your business grow.

Automated expense tracking

Soldo makes it easy to claim and track travel expenses. When travelling for work, employees can instantly capture receipts with the Soldo mobile app, instead of saving paper receipts and completing expense forms. 

We help employers see company-wide spending in real time, all in one place, using the Soldo web console. Both employers and their staff enjoy full peace of mind, knowing that a misplaced receipt or invoice won’t disrupt proper expense tracking. 

Soldo integrates seamlessly with your existing accounting software using CSV imports, or for Xero and Concur users, automatically through an integration. There’s no more need to manually log each purchase, chase receipts, or authorise repayments one by one.

Customisable spending limits

Traditional travel expenses were often difficult to manage. Employees could spend without proper limits in place, knowing they could claim it back from the business. This could end-up costing the business a huge amount of money, as the system was ripe for abuse by staff.

Soldo lets you customise each prepaid smart payment card’s spending limit according to the unique requirements of the employee’s business trip. After all, a five-day conference is not the same as an off-site client lunch.

Soldo gives you more control over company travel expenses with customisable:

With automated expense tracking that lets you see purchases instantly, Soldo helps keep your employees accountable to their travel spending, no matter where they are.

Prepaid cards for global business spending

Travelling employees no longer have to worry about incurring foreign exchange fees on their personal credit cards. Soldo’s prepaid cards are issued by Mastercard and can be used anywhere that accepts credit cards. 

Travelling abroad? Soldo’s fixed 1% foreign exchange fee (pro and premium plans) helps keep your travel costs low.

Employees can use prepaid cards for in-person travel expenses, like client meals, or online purchases, like flights and hotel bookings. Prepaid cards can also be used for ATM withdrawals. 

And with Soldo’s admin console, additional funds are just a few clicks away. You can add money onto cards instantly from anywhere in the world from your online dashboard.


Set spending limits

Keep travel expenses under control with flexible spending limits that you can set by category.

Seamless bookkeeping

Export Soldo data and import into accounting systems like Xero and Quickbooks, saving valuable time.

Geographical boundaries

Set time and location rules about when and where employees can use their prepaid travel cards.

How prepaid travel cards work

Do you employ multiple staff who regularly take business trips?

Unlike other prepaid business card providers, Soldo lets you issue separate cards with their own unique numbers. Each travel transaction runs through Soldo and appears in your central admin console so you to see what’s being spent — instantly.

Soldo’s admin console provides a summary of each employee’s card, as well as their transaction history and spending limits, allowing you to update their budgets as needed. 

Prepaid cards also work for online transactions, perfect for booking flights and hotel stays.

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Really great way to manage your companies credit card, very user-friendly and easy to use. Top up when you need money on your card, and you can control who has what limit.


Soldo has given us great control of employee expenses. Staff report that the app makes it easy to upload receipts on the move and whilst the transactions are fresh in their minds. Overall we are very happy with the service.



  • No. Unlike typical business credit cards, which require individual employees to undergo credit checks that can affect their credit history and credit ratings, Soldo prepaid business travel cards do not require credit checks.

  • Yes, Soldo can be used by businesses of any size. Soldo’s flexible pricing plans allow you to choose a structure that best suits your team’s travel needs, while keeping future business growth in mind.

  • Any member of your team can use Soldo prepaid travel cards, whether it’s for large purchases like plane tickets or small expenses like taking a client out for coffee. The admin console is an easy way for you to keep track of all purchases across all employees, no matter where they are travelling to or from.

  • Soldo’s prepaid cards are issued by Mastercard, so they can be used anywhere that accepts Mastercards. Prepaid travel cards are a great way of making online bookings, like flights and hotels, without your employees needing to pay themselves and wait for reimbursement cheques.

  • Yes. Though all prepaid cards have the same basic functionality, Soldo is one of the few that can manage your business’s data by integrating with popular accounting software. Soldo can export and import transaction data to Quickbooks and other accounting apps. Soldo’s payment console can also integrate with Xero and SAP Concur’s automatic bank feeds and accounting APIs.

    Soldo’s easy-to-use features can easily save you, and your finance team, valuable time and resources — so you can focus less on admin and more on the important stuff.