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Do company cards really make business spending easier to manage? Smart company cards from Soldo do that, and more. They give you control over costs, automate expense management and free your team from tedious admin.

Stay in control with smart company cards

Managing expenses can feel like a full-time job. Don’t let it. Set staff budgets, stop overspending and automate tedious tasks with Soldo.

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Why traditional company cards don’t work…

Sharing the boss’s company card only creates more work and hassle. Managing expenses the ‘old way’ involves piles of receipts and expense forms, spreadsheets, monthly reimbursements, and chasing staff for answers when someone goes over budget.

Whereas, trusting everyone with their own limitless company card leaves you open to overspending and expense fraud. Both options keep you in reactive mode – risking your schedule and budgets.

That’s no way to run a business. Giving your team Soldo cards and access to the mobile and online management tools removes the risks and tedious tasks – giving you total control and visibility.

Take control of your spending with smart company cards that keep your team accountable

Smart company cards are a must-have tool for the forward-thinking business. Now you can give all staff company cards with set spending limits for different teams and departments – removing the risk of overspending. 

With the world’s most complete API integration with Xero, you can connect seamlessly in just 2 clicks. Alternatively, Soldo can import CSV files into your current accounting software. Either way, you can say goodbye to tackling mountains of paperwork and juggling multiple tools to manage your expenses. Soldo does it for you.

Track your company’s spending in real-time

No more playing catch-up. Get total visibility to see who spent what, where, when and why. All of your team’s transactions are filed into categories for you to see where your money is going. Now it’s easy to spot where improvements can be made to become a leaner business.

Flexible company cards that support business growth

As your company evolves, so will your spending requirements. Soldo makes this easy. Simply log in to your web console to set up new users, spending rules and limits for your team – at any time.

No matter where you are today or where you want to go, Soldo supports teams of all sizes. There are three subscription plans to choose from to support your growth at every stage.

Automate expenses to get your schedule back on track

Set budgets, manage expenses in real-time, and seamlessly integrate your entire team’s spending into your existing accounting tools with ease.


Set card limits for teams

Never go over budget again. Remove the risk of overspending while giving staff the budget they need to do their job.

View spending in real-time

Detailed expense analytics lets you see where your money is going.

Seamless Xero integration

Keep using your favourite tools with ease. Soldo connects to Xero within just 2 clicks.

Give everyone a company card. Be more efficient.

It’s hard to move forward when you’re always playing catch-up with your expenses. Get back the hours you waste on financial admin and learn where your money’s going to cut needless spending and become a smarter business.

The many benefits of using smart company cards…

Control spending and get back to business

Become a more efficient business with company cards for employees that give you full oversight and control.

What our customers are saying about Soldo…

Excellent tool for dynamic companies. Soldo allows you to manage liquidity in the company in an effective and fast way.


“Prompt responses and always find a solution! Great friendly support from their team and excellent service consistently.”



  • No, Soldo isn’t a replacement for your business account. It complements your existing account, so you won’t need to make any changes or notify your bank. 

    Keep using your current account that you’re comfortable with while enjoying the many advanced finance services that Soldo has to offer.

  • Absolutely, it integrates with all major accounting systems. Soldo has the world’s most complete API connection to Xero that sends daily transactions via an automatic bank feed. Share enriched transaction data such as receipts, categories and notes – all with just one click.

    For other popular accounting tools such as Quickbooks, Sage, Netsuite and other industry leaders – Soldo can export data for you in XLSX, CSV, QIF and OFX formats.

  • Yes, Soldo makes spending and expenses a breeze no matter how big or small your company is. Whether you need one business card just for yourself or 500+ for teams, employees or contractors, Soldo saves you hours of time and hassle every month by automating expense management from payment to reconciliation.
    Do you have over 100 employees? Discover our tailored offer for enterprises.

  • A check will take place but it’s not a credit check. Soldo won’t look at your credit history, only certain details to comply with anti-terrorism and anti-money-laundering regulations. 

    You can’t damage your credit Score with Soldo, nor can you build it using Soldo company cards.

  • We’re confident you’ll quickly become one of our 40,000+ users that love using Soldo, but should you want to leave, you can do so at any time.

    All the funds available on your Soldo account will be transferred back to the account from which they were initially deposited.