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Tips & Advice

Employee benefits are easy with Soldo

Keep employees happy with perfect perks using smart company cards. Soldo gives staff autonomy, keeps costs under control, and makes expenses effortless.

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Expense Reporting

Discover why effective expense reporting is so valuable for your business – and how Soldo can help you keep on top of it.

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Employee Expense Policies

An employee expense policy is a great way to keep company spending in check. And with Soldo, you’ll be able to make sure your team keeps to it.

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Open Banking in 2020

Open Banking makes it easier for smart expense management solutions like Soldo to give you the full picture of your financial choices.

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Company Cards

Automate your expenses with smart company cards to save yourself time and hassle. Set card limits and view spending in real-time with Soldo.

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Entertainment Expenses

Soldo can simplify how you manage entertainment expenses. Control client, customer and staff budgets with prepaid company cards for your team.

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Business Fuel Cards

Find out more about business fuel cards, how they work and how Soldo cards can help you better control your business mileage expenses.

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Travel Expenses

Simplify your travel expense management with Soldo. With individual prepaid cards, Soldo gives your team autonomy whilst you stay in control of the budgets.

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Virtual Company Cards

Learn more about how Soldo’s virtual cards give each individual or department the ability to make online purchases with their own prepaid card.

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Prepaid Company Cards

Learn more about how prepaid cards work, their benefits and how you can manage company spending with smart prepaid cards for your whole team.

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Prepaid Business Cards

Discover how prepaid business cards help your team buy what they need – and how you can stay in control every step of the way with Soldo.

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Business Credit Cards

Learn more about how business credit cards work, their benefits and drawbacks, and why alternatives like Soldo are proving increasingly popular.

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Business Bank Accounts

A business bank account is more than somewhere to keep company money. With Soldo, it becomes a powerful way to manage it, too.

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Business Expense Card

With a business expense card, you’ll give your team the freedom to buy what they need. And with Soldo’s business expense card, you’ll do it without sacrificing any control.

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Low-fee FX Business Cards

Discover how FX business cards can help your team buy what they need abroad – and how you can stay in control every step of the journey with Soldo.

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Online Business Banking

Online business banking lets you send and receive payments, but Soldo makes it a powerful way to manage employee spending, too.

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A company card for everyone in your business

Whatever your team does, help them do it with Soldo – the company cards that you control with customisable budgets. No credit check. Apply in 5 minutes.

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