What are the best blogs about accounting for a small business?

Maths may not be your area of expertise, but when it comes to running a small business, you have to be committed to dealing with numbers!

As a business owner, your primary focus will always be achieving your business goals. However, keeping up to date with accounting is a vital element of this. Regardless of whether or not you employ a dedicated accountant to keep track of the numbers on your behalf, the more you can understand about your business accounting, the better.

Blogs are one of the best ways to keep up to date with accounting basics, such as expense management and more. Enthusiastic and knowledgeable bloggers will keep you in the loop about things you need to know, so you won’t get caught out by changing rules and regulations. 

As there are so many accounting blogs available to read online, it can be hard to know where to start. We’re here to help you begin. Below is a breakdown of the very best accounting blogs available to read online.

Between Wall and Main 

The premise of Between Wall and Main is simple: the blog examines topics that affect large corporates, making them relatable to people working in SMBs. 

Edited by former Stockbroker, Seth David, the blog offers a host of educational resources and articles that unlock accounting secrets. The site also hosts a highly active Facebook community for readers to share information and advice. Check it out here. 

Growth Force

According to Growth Force CEO, Stephen King, understanding financial metrics allows you to make better business decisions. Whilst there are lots of finance automation tools which are now available to help you with this, it is still important to understand the basics.

This blog covers subjects such as; attracting talent, employee retention techniques and cash flow management. Clear navigation and a keyword selection system makes this blog easy to use. Check it out here.

Accounting Coach 

Created by Harold Averkamp, this accounting blog is specifically written for the small business owner and anyone studying accountancy. You won’t find traditional blog posts on Accounting Coach. Instead, there are tutorials, quizzes, puzzles and Q & As with industry professionals. Check it out here. 

Accounting Today

This trade magazine is aimed primarily at accountancy professionals. However, Accounting Today also has much to offer those more generally interested in business finance. There’s a wealth of articles covering all aspects of financial planning, and the accounting tools available, as well as regular webinars which provide in-depth insights into a wide variety of relevant issues. Check it out here. 

AICPA Insights

AICPA stands for the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Therefore, their blog is regarded highly throughout the financial world. With well over 400,000 global members, the organisation’s blog is written in-house. It also includes additional reporting from experts in the finance world. Articles cover a wealth of information, making the blog of interest to professionals and keen amateurs across the globe. Check it out here. 

These are just some of the many accounting blogs available online. Therefore whatever your level understanding, you are sure to find content that will answer your questions. A top tip is to use the inbuilt search facilities to find out more about specific subjects. Doing this will allow you to track down the exact information that you need! Don’t forget to check out our own guides for invaluable accounting tips. 

A significant aspect of accounting is expense management. If you’re struggling to keep control over your employee expenses, then it may be time to consider how technology can help. Find out more about how Soldo can help you with your business expense management here.