Smooth sailing with Soldo​

Enable captains and agents to make purchases their work requires. Retain total control with bespoke budgets, limits and spending rules by charter.​

Shipping charters, whether time or voyage, necessitate paying for various costs throughout their duration.​

Multiple costs include port dues, bunkers fees, pilotage fees, berthing charges, immigration fee, waterway way dues and general port expenses. To complicate matters further, payments are frequent and global, made by several individuals to multiple parties in different currencies all over the world.

Lack of control and flexibility

Owners are forced to use cash advances or credit cards that are difficult to control and not flexible enough to manage emergencies

Long disputes between parties

A lack of control and visibility of spend often results in lengthy and frustrating disputes between owners and charterers

Exposed to high overspend

Owners are exposed and unable to control, optimise or obtain visibility on payment decisions causing overspending​

Costly administrative processes

Large administrative overheads are costly to manage, delay the proper reporting of expenses and frustrate workers​

With Soldo owners and charterers can transform the way they do business, regaining control and increasing efficiencies​​​

Empower captains and agents to make the purchases their work require​

Instantly transfer funds in the event of an extended charter or emergency

Enable owners and charterers to control spending with budgets and spending rules by charter​

Use real-time spending data to dispute demurrage and bunker fee claims ​

Avoid high currency exchange rates with low FX fees worldwide​

Cut the time required to file expense reports, complete with receipts and invoices​

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