How much does Soldo cost?

At Soldo, we’ll offer you an affordable answer to your spending needs – with complete transparency about our fees from the very start.

We offer a made-to-measure spending platform which saves you time and money at every step of the spending cycle.

Our prepaid cards, mobile app and admin dashboard work hand-in-hand to keep payments in check, speed up slow processes and transform raw data into actionable insight – freeing you up to get back to the business that matters.

How much are the prepaid cards?

Whether your business has five employees or five hundred, you’ll find a plan to suit you.

For businesses that need fewer than 30 cards, each card – based in GBP, EUR or USD, depending on the denomination you choose – costs £7 per month, with an up-front cost of £5 per card.

You can also generate virtual cards from the admin dashboard if you only need to buy things online, with an up-front cost of £1 each.

If you need 30 prepaid cards or more, we’ll tailor a payment plan to your individual circumstances. A member of our Customer Success team will get in touch to find out more about your business size and needs, and talk you through the best option for you.

Are there any extra fees?

When you use a Soldo card, you won’t have to pay any fees on:

  • Standard transactions
  • Domestic transfers into and out of your company Soldo account
  • Domestic transfers into and out of your staff Soldo accounts
  • Cash machine withdrawals (in sterling, with a sterling-based card)

And when your team is overseas, you’ll only ever need to pay a 1% fixed fee with us, so you’ll always know exactly what to account for ahead of time.

You will need to pay small fees on SEPA transfers (£6) and international transfers (£16). You may also need to pay for some cash machine withdrawals, depending on the denomination of the card you’re using:

  • Sterling-based card, withdrawal in a different currency: £2
  • Euro-based card, withdrawal in a different currency: €2
  • Dollar-based card, withdrawal in all currencies: $2

How to get started with Soldo

Whatever industry you’re in, you’ll be able to get back to the business that matters in no time.

  • Sign up in minutes. No credit checks needed, so we’ll have you all set up in one working day.
  • Request your cards. Tell us how many you need via the dashboard, or create virtual cards for online spending
  • Keep spending in check. Give each card its own rules and limits, add funds to them and allocate them to your team.

Plus, our customer service team is here to help every step of the way, offering personalised support and an in-depth knowledge of the spending landscape.

Ready to take control?

Sign up today, and discover just how simple your expense management could be.

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