About Soldo

What is Soldo?

Soldo is an all-in-one expense management solution that manages your business spending for you. Read on to find out how it can put you back in control. Read more

Is Soldo a Software Tool?

Software is just one part of Soldo’s three-tier spend management solution. Learn more about how it could make all the difference to your business. Read more

Is Soldo right for my business?

Soldo’s card, web app and mobile app can be tailored to fit any business. Explore how they can be used hand in hand to suit your unique needs. Read more

Is Soldo for Startups?

When you’re still finding your feet, Soldo helps you focus on the work that will help your business thrive. Read on to find out more. Read more

Is Soldo for SMEs?

As a multi-user spend management platform, Soldo is perfect for businesses of all sizes. Read on to learn what it could do for you. Read more


Bookkeeper vs Accountant: What’s the difference?

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How can technology save me time and money on accounting?

For any business, time is money. We explore how getting on top of your accounting processes can help your business optimise both. Read more

How can accurate accounting improve my business’s value?

If you want your business to look attractive to outsiders, implementing and maintaining accurate accounting procedures is essential. We discuss how this can improve your business value. Read more

What are the best books about accounting for a small business?

What are the best books about accounting for a small business? We recommend the top five books which will help you get ahead. Read more

What free resources can I use to learn the basics of accounting for my small business?

Let us take you through a variety of free online resources that can help you to learn the basics of accounting, refresh your skills and give you a decent head-start! Read more

Business Advice

Business Advice: 10 top tips for scaling your business

If a company has grown in success, a business owner’s attention may turn to scaling it. Soldo provides the following ten tips to help you get a head start.. Read more

Business Finance

How to develop your small business financial plan

Every small business needs a financial plan. Read our six simple steps that will help you create a successful business financial plan... Read more

Financial Records: How long should I keep them, and how best to store them?

Some areas of business, such as expenses, accounting and record-keeping, can be overwhelming. Soldo explains how to best manage company financial records... Read more

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7 ways to review the financial budget of your business

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Company Cards

What are corporate cards?

Corporate cards are designed for big business purchases, and they come with pros and cons. Take a closer look to see if they’re the right option for you. Read more

Which corporate cards have mobile apps?

Mobile apps can help you see spending in real time: read our article to find out which corporate cards include them. Read more

What are prepaid cards?

Prepaid cards are a great way to limit how much your employees can spend. Find out why this could prove so important to your business. Read more

Is Soldo a prepaid card?

Soldo’s prepaid card is just one aspect of a three-part spend management solution. Find out how it works with a mobile app and web app to transform your expenses. Read more

What is a virtual company card?

With virtual cards, your team can make online purchases without the need for a physical card. Find out why that’s so useful here. Read more

Entertainment Expenses

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Expense Management

Whats the best way to track employee spending?

In business, there’s a lot more than just employee spending for you to focus on. Here are the tools that will do the job for you. Read more

How can I find cost efficiencies in my business?

There are some costs every business can streamline, and first among them is expenses. We’ll show you how. Read more

What business expenses can I claim?

Explore some of the most common company costs – and which you can claim as business expenses – with our step-by-step breakdown. Read more

How can I get visibility over my company spending?

Learn how to identify the spending habits of individual team members, and how to turn them into business-level insights. Read more

How do I manage business expenses?

Getting a handle on business expenses can seem like a big ask. But find the right tools with us, and you’ll get off to a flying start. Read more

Finance Automation

How do I automate my finance department?

The sooner you automate your finances, the sooner you’ll be able to get back to the business that matters. Let us show you how. Read more

What tools can I use to save time in my business?

There may not be enough hours in the day, but there are plenty of tools to help you save those precious minutes. Find out more about them here. Read more

What’s the best accountancy software?

Explore the most popular and best accountancy software and tools available, and find out which best suits your company’s needs. Read more

What are the best accounting tools for Enterprise?

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How can I manage company finances online?

There are all sorts of ways to manage your company finances from your desk. Let’s take a closer look at your options. Read more