Soldo for Small Business

The world’s most scalable spend management platform, built for businesses just like yours​

If you own a small business, the chances are you didn’t set it up to waste your precious time managing expenses and chasing receipts.​

Transform the way you spend with Soldo – a complete spend management solution that scales as you grow. Soldo Mastercard® cards connect to employee apps, whilst account administrators can manage accounts via an intuitive web console. Gain real-time transaction visibility, capture vital paperwork with in-app receipt capture and categorise spend with tags and notes from anywhere…. Simplify the way you spend with Soldo.​

Why do small business owners choose Soldo?​

Empower employee spending​

Give employees the ability to spend company money by issuing them with plastic and virtual Soldo Mastercard cards.​

Control who, where and when ​

Set custom spending limits for all cardholders, and apply geographical, spending category and time-based restrictions on who, where and when money can be spent.

Accounting integration​

Generate two-click data-rich expense reports, ready to upload into all the major accounting software. Complete Xero integration coming soon.​

Unparalleled Customer Support​

Soldo’s UK-based customer support is on hand online to help your employees to make sure you get the most out of Soldo.


Soldo is FCA regulated and Soldo’s segregated client accounts are held at leading EU- based banks. In other words, your funds are always protected.

“Five star package, five star service with five star results”

Karen Fisher, Head of Operations – Titans

“Soldo’s become an invaluable tool for Salience… Saves us a significant amount of time managing employee expenses.”

Gus Ferguson, CEO – Salience

Frequently asked question

What is a wallet

Within the Soldo business spending account, you have the possibility to partition money available into different sub accounts, called wallets in order to hold reserve funds or give money to users or departments for their spending needs

Who can be a user?

A user can be any employee or contractor of the company that must be given access to funds to perform their job. When users make payments they are doing it on behalf of the company and with company funds.​

Who can spend the money in an expense centre?

Users can be given access to the expense centre money and cards to manage its payments​

Where is the Soldo Business card accepted?

TBD Everywhere Mastyercard is accepted ** find right wording***​

What is a virtual card?

A virtual card is like a normal payment card but it is not physically issued and only exists as the card numbers (the PAN). It can be used to do online payments but cannot be used with payment terminals or to withdraw money. Once you create a virtual card it is immediately available for use.​

How many administrators can manage a Soldo account

You can create as many administrators as you need to manage your account and for each of them you can control what they can do and what they can see. You can also give limited administrator privileges even to an external person like your accountant.​

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