Soldo for accountants and bookkeepers

Our smart multi-user expense account works seamlessly with accounting software to give you real-time accounting data, making reconciliation effortless and illuminating client spending.

What’s holding you back?

Reimbursements, company cards and cash advances can’t keep up with other digital workflows such as daily bank feeds from current accounts.
Waiting for statements and expense reports creates a lag of weeks or even months – stopping you from getting a complete view of cash flow. And expense reconciliation is a tedious manual process that can result in mistakes.

The hidden cost of expense management

Lost profits

Whether you use a time-based or fixed-fee billing system, time-sapping compliance tasks get in the way of valuable (and more profitable) advisory work.

More mistakes

Every slip-up costs your practice. Manual processes can result in human errors and time wasted fixing issues has a material impact on your bottom line.

Outdated insights

Without an up-to-date view of client spending, advice is based on an incomplete financial picture. You’re fighting fires instead of delivering real value.

Spend your time smarter

Soldo is a smart multi-user expense account. Our complete spend platform removes of the headache of expense management and sheds light on client spending.

Cut the time spent managing expenses and get back to more profitable jobs.
Automate tedious tasks to streamline your workflow and reduce manual data input errors.
Then sync expense transactions with Xero and match to daily automated bank feeds for a complete, real-time view of cash flow.

A reconciliation made in heaven

Soldo syncs transactions with Xero via an automatic bank feed. Forget cumbersome expense information imports – Soldo captures receipts, spending categories and notes for you to validate and send to Xero in a click.
When it’s time for reconciliation, everything you need is ready and waiting in Xero – you just need to click ‘OK’. Or, if you like, Soldo can reconcile your accounts automatically.

How does Soldo work?


Soldo empowers employees and departments to spend company money more responsibly by giving them their own plastic or virtual Mastercard® cards. The mobile app prompts staff to snap receipts and add category tags at the point of purchase.


Decide who can spend what, and where. The intuitive web console enables businesses to manage spend using customisable budgets and rules. Easily move money between expense centres (e.g. facilities, advertising, lunches etc.) and individual employees.


Soldo makes it easy for employees to see what they’re spending in real time, and administrators can track spend across the entire business. Soldo automatically syncs transactions with Xero, sending receipts (and much more) to the accounts in just one click.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of clients are suitable for Soldo?
Soldo is suitable for any business that spends money. And not just small business – all business.
Does Soldo suit big or small businesses better?
We designed Soldo with infinite scale in mind and it works brilliantly for clients of all shapes and sizes, from one-man bands to large corporates.
What about foreign transaction fees?
Soldo charges an exceptionally low FX rate of 1% for all foreign transactions, so you can be sure there won’t be any unexpected fees when traveling.
Sounds great. What’s the catch?
Quite simply – there isn’t one. If you don’t believe us, try Soldo for yourself for free.

Partner with Soldo for practice success

Make expense management more profitable and help clients to control their spending. Our partner programme gives practices access to exclusive offers, helping you add value for clients.