Constructing business with Soldo​

Cut time required to prepare monthly interim valuations. Use real-time data to resolve contract variations.

Construction firms are commonly left grappling with a cash flow crisis, delaying project delivery schedules.

Within the construction industry, complicated payment structure, high failure rates throughout the payment chain, hidden parties, the risk of liens or double payment, and confusing or complex contractual clauses are common.

The problems​​

Lack of visibility of spend

A lack of visibility of contractors’ costs make it complicated for companies to manage payments​

Exposed to overspending

Construction companies are exposed and unable to control spending, results in high overspending​

Unable to manage emergencies

Limited capability to manage emergency spending often required to address on site issues​

Disputed payments

The necessity of VAT receipts for payments can lead to practical difficulties and disputes​

With Soldo construction companies can transform the way they do business, regaining control and increasing efficiencies​


Retain total control with bespoke budgets, limits and spending rules by project​


Protect against the risk of double payment by tagging spending by project


Empower labourers to make purchases their work requires​


Use real-time data to resolve valuing and agreeing contract variations


Cut time required to prepare monthly interim valuations/progress applications for payment​


Use in-app receipt capture to provide VAT receipts in accordance with contracts clauses​

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