Become a Soldo
Customer Advocate

Join the Soldo Customer Advocates, where finance and accounting leaders get together to elevate business spend management. You’ll get to share your story, promote your brand, and exchange insights with the best in the industry. And you’ll get a say in how Soldo grows, so we can be even more useful to you. 

As a Soldo Customer Advocate,
you can get involved in
Customer Advisory Board
Meet with our executive team and fellow finance
industry leaders to discuss your challenges and
our product roadmap, to help Soldo grow
(launching later in 2023).
Customer stories
Promote your brand, share your individual journey – (video or written – and create opportunities for yourself and your business.
Referral talks
Exchange useful knowledge and advice with fellow industry leaders, and get insights into different areas of the business. 
Contribute to top finance publications and get involved in the Soldo blog and website to promote your business and share your knowledge.
Podcasts and webinars
Share your professional journey on the CFO Playbook podcast series and participate in our webinars to discuss industry topics that matter to you.
Research panel
Need a hand ? Our friendly customer success team is at your service, providing support whenever you need it.

What’s in it for you as a member? 


Share your journey and your brand 

As a Soldo Customer Advocate, you’ll have access to our customers and prospects through a variety of channels. You’ll be able to showcase your company’s story and your personal journey with thousands, widening your reach and bringing more attention to issues most important to you. 

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Grow your network and find opportunities 

Our customer advocacy programme will introduce you to industry
 peers and give you the chance to learn from each other. You’ll be in conversations with finance leaders from all over the world, with years of experience in their field, and reap the benefits of your shared knowledge. 


Help shape the future of Soldo

Members will get exclusive opportunities to test and discuss new Soldo features. Your feedback and ideas will help us fine-tune our platform and improve your Soldo experience – so that we can better meet your needs, saving you even more time and effort.

Become a Soldo Customer Advocate today

Join today and let us know which customer advocacy activities you’d like to get involved in. If you have any
 questions, email [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help.