Single-use virtual cards for one-time purchase requests

Define approval workflows, authorise one-time spend requests, and issue secure single-use virtual cards in seconds. Gain instant visibility and control over ad-hoc employee spend requests, then forget reimbursements forever.

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Save time and effort

Approve requests, issue single-use virtual cards, and reconcile transactions in seconds.

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Control more spend

Manage and track more of your employee’s spend in real-time and remove the need for reimbursements.

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Stay secure

Assign single-use virtual cards to specific purchases and amounts. They are then destroyed after use.

Build unique approval workflows

Automatically route employee purchase requests to the right approver, in the right sequence, at the right time. Admins can easily customise workflows within the platform – keeping your expense management process automated, current, and under control.

Pre-approve every one-time purchase

One-time purchase requests (such as home working equipment or online events and courses) are seamlessly routed to the approver via an email notification. Approvers can quickly authorise or decline the request and amount, or ask for more information from any Soldo user.

Embed your organisation’s expense policy

Employees can quickly check the expense policy before submitting a purchase request. Admins can eliminate out-of-policy expenses (and the wasted time, effort, and cost of managing them) before they occur.

Seamlessly issue single-use virtual cards

Virtual cards, dedicated to the one-off purchase and amount, are issued and easily accessible from the Purchases section of the platform at any time. Employees use these cards to make their online purchases.

Mitigate risk

Only the requester and approver can access the single-use card details, which are securely stored in the Soldo platform. No more sharing card details or risking them falling into the wrong hands.