Soldo – the spend management platform built for business

Soldo combines software, tools, and payment cards, enabling your company to delegate and control spending for people and teams. Manage spending for travel and entertainment, online procurement, marketing, and more. Track spending in real time, then automate reconciliation with your accounting software.

Payment Cards

Empower employees and teams to spend company money online and in store with Soldo payment cards. Cover employee expenses, such as travel and entertainment, or company spending for online ads and IT procurement – all while retaining complete control over spending.

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Organise and manage funds in multiple currencies for employees, teams, departments, and projects. Add funds to your Soldo account, set the balance of each wallet, then define access according to the exact needs of your business.

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Spend controls

Delegate the execution of payments while ensuring the only payments that happen are those that should happen.

For additional control, fine tune who can see and do what in your account with permissions and roles.

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