Make expenses fair.
Give your employees Soldo company cards.

Give your employees a Soldo company card so they have instant access to company money for business-wide spending as and when they need it.

Make expenses fair

Let us help you

Improve employee satisfaction
Empowered employees are happier employees. Give a Soldo company card to your employees so they know they are trusted with company spending.
No more reimbursement
Employees shouldn’t use their own money for business needs. Give your employees access to money with a Soldo company card so they never need to be reimbursed.
A complete view of spending
Keep track of what employees are spending in real-time so there are no financial surprises for Finance Teams.
Safe and secure
Your money is protected when you use your Soldo company card. We have a range of security measures in place, such as 3D Secure and Strong Customer Authentication.
“The Soldo card has been really transformational…we’re able to distribute funds when required, and make sure that people maintain a budget”
Mark Carwardine, CEO at SARA

Our types of card

There’s a Soldo Mastercard company card for every need. Choose a physical card or a virtual card for in-person or online payments.

Single-user cards

Give employees their own Soldo company card so they can spend allocated money on business expenses.

Multi-user cards

Assign company cards to teams or projects for shared spending, aligned to an agreed budget.

Fuel cards

Fuel cards can be given to employees who regularly drive for work or to a company vehicle for easy fleet management. Set spend limits for fuel or electric charging at service stations and put controls in place for other expenses such as tolls or parking.

Subscription cards

Create virtual cards for dedicated types of spending to easily manage third party suppliers such as subscription or online ad expenses removing duplicate, wasted spend.

Temporary virtual cards

Allow employees or contractors to make approved ad hoc purchases with temporary virtual cards which are active for 7 days and set how many times it can be used.


Choose your card currency

Select from EUR, GBP or USD for businesses who want to operate across country borders

Set the controls and limits

To keep a close eye on spending in real-time

Automatic card top-ups

So employees are never left stranded without money

Contactless spending with Apple and Google pay

Contactless spending with Apple and Google pay

Our contactless cards are Apple and Google pay enabled so employees can make payments even when out and about, with or without a physical card.


Give your employees a Soldo company card today


What is the purpose of the company card?

A Soldo company card allows businesses to give employees access to company funds. It is a payment method that removes the need for employees to use their own money or petty cash for company spending.

Who gets a company card?

That is down to company discretion and company expense policies. However, any employee (or contractor) who needs to buy something for their job or the business using company money could be assigned a card  – even entire teams!

How many card types are there?

We have a Soldo company card to meet every need. Our accessible cards have advanced card rules to maintain complete control over company money. 

You can give physical, virtual or temporary cards for a single person or groups of people. We also have dedicated cards for fuel expenses or subscriptions. 

Can you make cash withdrawals using a Soldo company card?

Yes, you can make cash withdrawals using our physical cards.