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Using your Soldo fuel card at the Pay at Pump service – your questions answered

Mastercard recently introduced a new pre-authorisation amount for pay-at-pump fuel transactions.
Here’s everything you need to know about this change and how it impacts your Soldo fuel cards.

Posted on 02 December 2021 by Soldo

What is Pay at Pump?

Pay at Pump is the system that allows you to pay for your fuel directly at the pump’s card reader, instead of going into the shop at the petrol station. No need to get out of the car.
It’s becoming more popular across the UK and Europe – and it hasn’t gone unnoticed at Soldo.

How does it work?

When you use Pay at Pump, an amount of money is temporarily reserved on your Soldo fuel card. This is known as a pre-authorisation, and it ensures you have sufficient funds to afford the fuel. When you finish refuelling, you are only charged for the actual amount of fuel you have purchased.

The remainder of any reserved funds will be released back to the available balance on your Soldo fuel card, after the payment has been processed. In most cases, it can take up to one hour to process a pay-at-pump transaction.

What has changed?

The pre-authorisation amount has increased to £99.

This means that Soldo will temporarily reserve up to £99 of the available balance on your card, while you fill up your tank. This pre-authorisation amount is now a lot higher than it used to be.

How can I ensure I always have at least £100 on my Soldo fuel card?

There are a couple of handy Soldo features you can use to ensure your drivers always have enough money on their cards to pay for fuel. Follow the instructions and stay one step ahead.

  1. Set up an automatic transfer when the balance of the card drops below £100.
    • Click on Users on the left menu and select the relevant user
    • Click on the Transfer tab and select Minimum balance
    • Input the card balance amount (Set balance to) and transfer trigger amount (when it is lower than – e.g., £100)
    • Click Save
  2. Set up a minimum balance email alert to warn the card holder when the balance drops below a certain amount.
    • Click on Users on the left and select the relevant user
    • Click on the Alerts tab and select Minimum balance alert
    • Input the amount (When balance is below) and add relevant users
    • Click Save

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