What is Soldo?

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Soldo is a made-to-measure spending platform which gives you a transparent, versatile and meaningful way to empower your employees.

Our prepaid company cards, the mobile app for employees and web console for administrators, work seamlessly together to save you time and money at every step of the expense management cycle. They throw light on every transaction, eliminate labour-intensive processes and bring fragmented data into focus – giving you the freedom to tackle the business that matters.

Soldo can help those who want to open a bad credit business account with guaranteed acceptance as there is no credit check upon application with prepaid card accounts.

The payment card

The Soldo card enables front-line employees to buy what they need and enables finance teams to define how they do it.

Allocate as many as you like to members of your team – including freelancers and contractors – or designate cards to a particular department for specific purposes. And to prevent overspending or misuse, you can customise each card with its own spending conditions, from payment limits to geographical rules.

The Soldo app

There’s no need to hold onto their receipts or risk losing them and the unsettled cash.

Once your team member makes a payment, they simply open the app, take a photo of the receipt and upload it in a couple of taps. They don’t need to spend time filling in transaction details, either: our software does that automatically.

Plus, with real-time in-app updates, cardholders always know exactly how much they’ve just spent and how much they have left.

The admin web console

Our powerful, feature-rich admin web console does more than gather data: it reveals the patterns, trends and pitfalls of your company’s spending habits.

See your whole company at a glance – or browse by expense type and more – and keep an eye on your outgoings in real-time.

You can react the moment your priorities change by adding rules and limits to each card and respond to last-minute opportunities with free and instant fund transfers. And if a card goes missing, just block it with the click of a mouse.

Our web console integrates with Xero and the most popular accountancy apps to give you complete clarity in the reporting process. You can create detailed reports in a couple of clicks, and gain more insight than ever into where and how your company’s money is being spent.

Soldo at a glance

  • Give everyone their own funds with as many payment cards as you need
  • Bring runaway spending to a halt with customisable rules and limits
  • Submit receipt photos from anywhere with the mobile app
  • Review spending in real-time with instant notifications
  • Transfer extra cash in seconds to your employees’ Soldo cards with free fund transfers
  • Transform raw data into actionable insight with two-click reporting

How to get started

Whether you’re a team of ten or ten thousand, you’ll be able to put your company’s time and money to better use in no time.

  1. Sign up in moments. There are no credit checks needed, so we’ll have you up and running in one working day.
  2. Order your cards. Let us know how many you need via the dashboard, or generate virtual cards for online spending.
  3. Control your spending. Tailor each card with unique conditions, load them with funds from the company wallet and share them out among your team.

Plus, with an in-depth knowledge of the spending journey, our customer service team will be on hand to offer you personalised support every step of the way.