Is Soldo a Software Tool?

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Soldo is more than just a software tool. It’s a platform that combines a company card and intuitive software to give you more oversight of every step of the spending process.

While our software is central to our platform, it works alongside our physical prepaid cards to help you save time and money. This means you’ll be able to give your team the means to spend, as well as to speed up the claims and reporting processes, all in one fell swoop.

The Soldo card

Soldo cards are physical cards that can be handed out among your teams, departments or freelancers.

Unlike credit and debit cards, they start with zero balance and must have funds added to them. They can also be limited by bespoke rules, to prevent spending from getting out of hand. Like credit and debit cards, however, each one is specific to the particular cardholder, so you’ll always know who’s submitted what claim.

That’s because every card is linked to our software tools – the app and admin dashboard – that enable you to oversee and manage your employee spending.

The Soldo app

When an employee pays with the Soldo card, their payment comes up on the Soldo app, where they’ll also be able to see how much money they have available on their card.

Our app means expense management and submitting expense claim is now easier than ever. The cardholder just needs to photograph their receipt and submit the image, and the app will pick out and deliver the relevant information to the admin dashboard.

The Soldo dashboard

As an admin, you’ll have access to our easy-to-use software tool: the admin dashboard.

Our dashboard integrates with and enhances any existing accountancy applications you have in place, from Xero to Freshbooks. The dashboard allows you to have real-time visibility of company spending, it’s a central location for your whole team’s spending data which you can in turn segment by expense type, department and more.

You can export this data in a couple of clicks, and create detailed spreadsheets full of actionable insights that will help your business grow. The dashboard is also where you’ll be able to add those rules and limits we mentioned, as well as transfer funds and freeze cards.

The Soldo platform at a glance

  • The Soldo card: Allocate as many as you like to members of your team, so they can buy what they need
  • The Soldo app: Submit claims when you’re out and about, and enable real-time updates on how much you’ve been spending
  • The Soldo dashboard: Add rules and limits to each card, send funds and do your reports, all in a matter of clicks

Soldo is also a great option for those who want to open a bad credit business bank account with guaranteed acceptance as there is no credit check upon application with prepaid card accounts.

How to get started with Soldo

You’re just moments away from getting started with our platform.

Sign up and we’ll have your account created within one working day. This will give you access to our software, where you’ll be able to order physical cards – as well as generate virtual cards for online spending.

If you need a bit more information on our software tools, you can get in touch with our Customer Success team for some expert guidance.