Organise company spend and employee payments

One account to control them all​

Manage all your company users, departments and cards from a single account​

Company wallets​

Company wallets hold the company reserves, in multiple currencies, ready to be allocated to employees or departments for spending.​

Fund your accounts by transferring money instantly from your bank using Faster Payments or using BACS, SEPA or international transfers.​


Create as many users as you need. Provide them with cards for spending, allowing them to access expense centre cards to manage departmental spending or both. Give them access to the mobile app and to the web console as they need.

Expense centres​

An expense centres serve to manage expenditure that is not personal to a user but related to the company.
You can use it for marketing expenses, office supply or to manage all your company subscriptions. Each expense centre can have one or more wallets and cards, and multiple users can be given access to it.

Soldo Mastercard plastic​ cards

Soldo plastic cards are linked to a user or an expense centre wallet, where its payments are debited. Contactless capable, they come in GBP, EUR and USD and can be spent in over 41 million merchants across the world, wherever Mastercard is accepted.
Ordering new cards is done in the web console and they are delivered in a few days.

Soldo Mastercard Virtual​ cards

Create virtual cards in any supported currency. Cards are immediately available and can be used to pay for online purchases and subscriptions.

Administrators and permissions​

Create administrators that can access the entire account or are limited to only certain functions or users.
Use predefined roles or create your own to control who can do what. Provide access to external accountants so they can run reports, extract the data they need and integrate with accounting platforms.

Frequently asked question

What is a wallet ?

Within the Soldo business spending account you have the possibility to partition the money available into different sub accounts, called wallets, to hold reserve funds or to give money to users or departments for their spending needs​

Who can be a user?

A user can be any employee or contractor of the company that must be given access to funds to perform their job. When a users make payments they are doing it on behalf of the company and with company funds.​

Who can spend money in an expense centre?

Users can be given acces to the expense centre money and cards to manage its payments​

How many administrators can manage a Soldo account ?

You can create as many administrators as you need to manage your account and for each of them you can control what they can do and what they can see. You can also give limited administrator privileges even to an external person like your accountant.​