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Whether you have a team of five or five thousand, we make it easy to get started and our Service Fees are simple to understand.

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We’ll give you a complimentary Soldo card to get you started, and won’t charge you for the first month of your account – even if you order more cards before your trial is up.

Why choose Soldo?

Make overspending impossible

Give Soldo cards to as many people as you like, and add bespoke conditions to limit the amount they can spend.

Free up everyone’s time

Your team can use the Soldo mobile app to take photos of their receipts and upload expense claims in seconds.

Spot patterns and pitfalls

See every cardholder’s spending habits at a glance, and transform them into business-level insights in a couple of clicks.

Frequently asked questions

How much does a new card cost?

For each new Soldo plastic card you order, you’ll pay a one-off fee of 5€. If you only need to make online purchases, you can create a virtual card in the platform for a 1€ one-off charge.

Do Soldo cards come in currencies other than sterling?

Absolutely. We also offer pound sterling and US dollar-based cards. Just get in touch if you’d like to find out more about how they work.

Are there any transaction fees?

There are no fees for domestic transactions (i.e: GBP in the UK, or EUR in Ireland), so our cards are free to use and the amount of money you allocate is the same amount the cardholder can spend.
If you’re making a foreign currency transaction, our transaction fees are low (1%).

How much does it cost to deposit funds into my Soldo account?

It’s completely free. By funding your Soldo account, you’ll be able to top up individual cards as and when you need to.

And how much to transfer funds from my Soldo account into a company bank account?

1.50€ fee for SEPA transfers
10€/£/$ fee for non SEPA transfers
16€/£/$ fee for international transfers

Are there limits on card purchases and cash machine withdrawals?

Yes, but only as an extra measure to safeguard your funds. We tailor these limits to your own unique profile, to make sure they never prevent your team from buying what they need.

You can see our baseline limits for each card below:

Maximum value for one purchase
Per transaction: 10.000€
Per day: 20.000€
Per calendar month: 75.000€

Maximum no. of purchases
Per transaction: N/A
Per day: 100
Per calendar month: 3,000

Maximum cash machine withdrawal
Per transaction: 200€
Per day: 1.500€
Per calendar month: 5.000€

Maximum no. of cash machine withdrawals
Per transaction: N/A
Per day: 8
Per calendar month: 25

Are there cash machine withdrawal fees?

Yes, though these vary depending on the currency of your card and the currency you’re trying to withdraw. We’ve broken this down below:

Euro-based card

Fee for a withdrawal in Euros: 1€
Fee for a withdrawal in other currencies: 2€

Sterling-based card

Fee for a withdrawal in Sterling:1€
Fee for a withdrawal in other currencies: £2

Dollar-based card

Fee for a withdrawal in USD: 2$
Fee for a withdrawal in other currencies: 2$

What about foreign exchange fees?

Our FX fee is a fixed 1%. This means you’ll always pay the same, regardless of the merchant or provider.

We’re with you all the way

There’s no limit to the ways you can use our platform. Get in touch, and we’ll talk you through how your business can get the most out of it.