The Business Spending Account

Soldo Business simplifies the entire business expense cycle.

“There has to be a better way of managing the flow of money within a company.”

“There has to be a better way of managing the flow of money within a company.”

Soldo Business is a multi-user spending account, complete with Mastercard® cards, intuitive admin and effortless reporting.
Our mission is to simplify the entire business expense cycle, from beginning to end.
We use the smartest financial technology to solve the three key business spending problems:


Empower employees to spend on the company’s behalf with Soldo Business Mastercard cards that work hand-in-hand with our app for employees, helping them stay on top of their own spending.


You retain ultimate authority over the flow of money throughout your business, thanks to Soldo Business’ richly-featured Admin Dashboard. Set bespoke limits, rules and budgets for everyone, in accordance with their needs and trust levels.


Effortlessly generate reports that integrate with all the major accounting systems, track every expense with instant notifications, and view real-time balances for all users, 24/7.

Whether you have 2 employees, or 1,000, Soldo Business’ flexible architecture lets you tailor it to fit your company to perfection, reducing operational expenditure and restoring control.

About us

Soldo was created by entrepreneurs and banking experts united by the search for a simple and effective way to manage the flow of money inside organizations of any size – businesses and families alike.

Soldo’s founder and CEO is Carlo Gualandri, an Italian technology entrepreneur whose innovative companies have broken new ground in the world of media (Virgilio), banking (Fineco), and gaming (Gioco Digitale).

Our offices in London and Rome are staffed by a talented and passionate team of experts from across the world. Their skills and inspiration are shaping the future of banking.